We are one of the first A-Class Fragrance & Cosmetic Retailers in Iraq

The name Jasmine is known as a synonym for Quality fragrances and Cosmetics throughout Iraq, starting in Zakho up in the north to Basra in the far south.

Although Jasmine Retail stores are only available in the Kurdistan Region, it is a well known and trusted brand in the rest of Iraq because of the intense in-land tourism to the region.

With the start of this Onlineshop in 2019, we are delivering now the same Best Quality for Best Price to even more customers.

What do we do?

The biggest part of our sales is in fragrances of well known international brands of all price ranges.

We are also carrying some niche brands and some newer, unknown or regional brands.

The second largest product range would be Make Up, followed by skincare and Hair products.

As Jasmine we are purely in Retail in stores and Online. Our mother company though is also active in distribution.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about Honesty and Fairness in our business as well as providing a modern, qualitative service to the people of Iraq.

We are only purchasing from authorised suppliers, to make sure that there are no fake products in our stores.

We are guaranteeing for our quality and try to offer the best possible price for the best possible quality.

Our staff is well trained in our products as well as in customer service. It is important to us that our customers feel comfortable and respected when entering a Jasmine store.

History Of Us

With the Opening of Majidi Mall, the first Shopping Mall in Iraq, in Erbil in 2009, we have rented our first shop, previously named S&S fragrances & cosmetics, to be the first A-Class Retailer in the counrty.

In 2010 with the opening of FamilyMall in Erbil, we rented our second store and decided to name our chain Jasmine fragrances & cosmetics. Within 3 years time we opened stores in MegaMall, TabloMall both in Erbil, another store in Familymall, as well as in Rand Gallery in the city of Suleymanieh. In our peak performance we were managing 6 Jasmine stores around the region which made us the biggest Fragrance & Cosmetic Chain in Iraq.

After some economical and political crises in the Kurdistan Region between 2012-2013 and the war against ISIS in 2014, we had to close most of the shops because of the consequent lack of purchasing power.

At the moment there are three Jasmine stores, one in Familymall Erbil, one in FamilymallDuhok and one in Duhokmall. With jasmineiraq.com, which we started in 2019, we will be more accessible and able to provide our quality service to a wider audience.